Code of Conduct

All of RESCUE-NETs activities will be guided by principles outlined in our Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct will reflect our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, safety, justice and belonging. The Code will guide inter and intra faculty, student, and staff interactions and will apply to classroom spaces, field settings, conferences, workshops, informal meetings and vehicles. There will be multiple mechanisms in place to report violations of Code of Conduct, safe from retaliation. The Code of Conduct will be a living document and will be reviewed annually. In addition, RESCUE-NET faculty, students and staff will be able to attend workshops on bystander intervention and ways to create spaces free from harassment, bullying, and microaggressions. On November 3, 2021 five faculty members from 4 institutions participated in a 4 hour workshop provided by AdvanceGeo to begin to develop this Code of Conduct. Development of the first iteration of the Code of Conduct is underway. If you are interested in helping to develop this Code of Conduct, please let us know in the comments section of the “Contact Us” form.