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Peer Reviewed Publications

Vourlitis, G. L., E. van der Veen, S. Cangahuala, G. Jaeger, C. Jensen, C. Fissore, E. M. Wood, J. K. Abraham, K. S. Whittemore, D. VanOverbeke, J. Blauth, E. Braker, N. Karnovsky, W. M. Meyer III. 2023. Examining decomposition and nitrogen mineralization in five common urban habitat types across southern California to inform sustainable landscaping. Urban Science 6: 61.


Landon, M., A. Lopez-Ruiz, A. Rondon, E. Denver, A. Lesso, H. Collom, S. Reichard, A. Bowen, C. Fissore, G. Vourlitis, W.M. Meyer III, M. Maltz, E.J. Questad, J. Blauth, D. VanOverbeke. Poster Presentation. Mulch Matters: Quantifying mulch decomposition rates and identifying primary drivers of mulch decomposition in Southern California urban areas. Southern California Academy of Sciences Meeting. May 2023.

Meyer, W. M., III, G. Vourlitis, E. van der Veen, S. Cangahuala, C. Fissore, J. K. Abraham, A. Wright, E. Wood, D.Vanoverbeke, N. Karnovsky. Oral Presentation. Landscaping matters: decomposition processes in five common habitat types across southern California. Southern California Academy of Sciences Meeting. May 2021.

Non-Peer Reviewed Publications

Carpenter, S. L. 2021. RESCUE-Net: Incubation Phase Evaluation Report (August 2020 – December 2021).