MSRP 2023-2024

Title: Investigating distribution changes over time in milkweed species using herbaria.

Contact: Lua Lopez Perez, California State University San Bernardino (, Kathryn Theiss, California State University Dominguez Hills (

Project Status: The 2023-24 academic year.

Project Description: This MSRP seeks to understand how the distribution of milkweed species has changed over time in response to changes in their environment (biotic and abiotic). Specifically, this MRSP aims to identify past changes in distribution ranges in 5 milkweed species using occurrence data from herbaria and identify environmental variables that might be associated with such distribution shifts. Finally, by using predicted future climatic models we want to explore how the distribution of these milkweed species could be impacted. This project is led by Lua Lopez Perez and Kathryn Theiss.