Global Change Ecology

Matina Donaldson-Matasci

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My research program is focused on understanding how groups of animals have evolved to coordinate their behavior as they interact with an unpredictable environment. Using mathematical models, agent-based simulation, remote sensing and computer vision, as well as lab and field…

Cinzia Fissore

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My research focuses on understanding changes in soil organic carbon accumulation and stabilization across ecosystems in response to climate change and management. Photos

Lua Lopez

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My research focuses on understanding how surrounding ecological environments have evolutionary consequences for organisms, with particular focus on endangered and invasive species. To do so, I use a multidisciplinary approach which includes genomics (from historical and modern samples), transcriptomics, ecophysiology…

Alexandria Pivovaroff

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My research addresses understanding the mechanisms underlying plant responses to global change, including drought, heat waves, and vapor pressure deficit. I focus on California native shrubs and tropical rainforest trees. Photos

Darren Sandquist

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We study the eco-physiological responses of plants to environmental stresses (primarily water limitations) at the leaf and whole plant levels, with the goal of understanding how plant populations will adjust to a changing climate. Photos

George Vourlitis

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Understanding how human activities such as nitrogen deposition, disturbance (fire), and climate change affect carbon and nitrogen cycling of semi-arid shrublands and woodlands.