(fungi, bacteria, and other microscopic groups like protozoa)

Joel Abraham

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Our lab focuses work in two main areas: 1) supporting biology learning at the K-16 level through computer-based instruction and assessment and support of student psychosocial factors and 2) studying edaphic factors in plant invasion success in arid and semi-arid…

Charlotte Chang

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My research combines theoretical and statistical models and broadly focuses on socio-ecological systems to improve conservation science and practice. I develop models and methods for researchers and practitioners to quantify how different stakeholders interact with the environment, ranging from digital…

Helen Holmlund

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My students and I study plant response to drought and fire. We are especially interested in fern desiccation tolerance and post fire ecology of chaparral shrubs. Photos

Wallace Meyer

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Our research focuses on understanding how and why local biotas are changing, and how such changes directly and indirectly influence ecosystem level processes and properties. Photos

Gretchen North

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My students and I study plant physiological responses to various environmental challenges, including drought and high temperatures. The plants hail from the desert and arid regions of southern California (agaves, cacti) to the tropical rainforest canopy (tank bromeliads). For summer…

Justin Valliere

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My research aims to evaluate the impacts of environmental change on native plant communities and to explore methods for ecological restoration in the face of this change. Photos

George Vourlitis

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Understanding how human activities such as nitrogen deposition, disturbance (fire), and climate change affect carbon and nitrogen cycling of semi-arid shrublands and woodlands.