Upper Division Evolution

Helen Holmlund

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My students and I study plant response to drought and fire. We are especially interested in fern desiccation tolerance and post fire ecology of chaparral shrubs. Photos

Javier Monzon

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Research in the Monzón Laboratory focuses on the ecology, behavior, and evolution of animals living on the edge. We examine the ecological causes and evolutionary consequences of geographic range limits in various animals. We also investigate the genetic differences that…

Alexandria Pivovaroff

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My research addresses understanding the mechanisms underlying plant responses to global change, including drought, heat waves, and vapor pressure deficit. I focus on California native shrubs and tropical rainforest trees. Photos

Dave Smith

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I study patterns of genetic variation in plants and the causes of that variation. Further, I study the consequences of plant genetic variation on the surrounding community. For example, I am currently setting up an experiment to study genetic variation…

Justin Valliere

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My research aims to evaluate the impacts of environmental change on native plant communities and to explore methods for ecological restoration in the face of this change. Photos

Dustin VanOverbeke

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I am an entomologist with a broad interest in insect-plant interactions. Current research involves monitoring native pollinator assemblages and improving pan trapping methods to increase the abundance and diversity of specimens. Other work involves monitoring pollinator as well as ground-dwelling…