Behavioral Ecology

Matina Donaldson-Matasci

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My research program is focused on understanding how groups of animals have evolved to coordinate their behavior as they interact with an unpredictable environment. Using mathematical models, agent-based simulation, remote sensing and computer vision, as well as lab and field…

Terry McGlynn

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I mostly work on ants, mostly in tropical rainforests. I also am doing community science in collaborations with the Natural History Museum of LA County and am developing projects based out of the Desert Studies Center in Zzyzx. Photos

Javier Monzon

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Research in the Monzón Laboratory focuses on the ecology, behavior, and evolution of animals living on the edge. We examine the ecological causes and evolutionary consequences of geographic range limits in various animals. We also investigate the genetic differences that…

Bree Putman

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My lab takes an integrative approach in understanding animal-habitat interactions in a changing world. We are particularly interested in the effects of urban development and human activities on native wildlife. My research has primarily focused on lizards and snakes. Photos

Dustin VanOverbeke

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I am an entomologist with a broad interest in insect-plant interactions. Current research involves monitoring native pollinator assemblages and improving pan trapping methods to increase the abundance and diversity of specimens. Other work involves monitoring pollinator as well as ground-dwelling…